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Additional Support Needs

It is education department policy that children who require additional support are involved in all aspects of the Centre. This support can include the input of other professionals who will work in conjunction and co-operation with home and nursery e.g. Educational Psychologists, speech therapists etc.

Additional Support Needs/Accessibility Strategy

Standard Statement
The establishment has a duty to ensure that all children have equal access to the curriculum, supported as appropriate to their individual needs. This covers not only the content of planned activities and teaching strategies but also minor adaptations to the physical environment of our buildings to address the needs of children with physical or sensory impairments, including the relocation of playrooms to the ground floor where feasible. We also need to ensure that parents and carers who have a disability have equal access to information about their child. This will involve, for example, relocating the venue for parents/carers meetings to facilitate physical access; provision of an interpreter for people who have a hearing impairment; agreeing a phone contact system to provide direct feedback to parents and carers.

Physical access
The building is located on one level with access via a terraced area leading to a short stepped area.  There are no internal stepped areas.

Reasonable adjustments will be made to facilitate communication between staff and parents/carers with disabilities.  These will be on an individual needs basis and can also take the form of written or telephone communications.

Appropriate steps are taken to ensure that children with additional needs are supported to access the curriculum.  These are detailed within a Wellbeing and Assessment Plan drawn up in consultation with parents, staff and where required other professionals.

Curriculum for Excellence enables professionals to teach subjects creatively, to work together at nursery and with other primary and secondary schools, to share practice and explore learning together. 

Teachers and practitioners will share information to plan a child’s “learning journey” from 3-18, helping their progress from nursery to primary, primary to secondary and beyond, ensuring the change is smooth.  This will ensure children continue to work at a pace that meets their needs and with depth, balance and progression in their learning.

Curriculum for Excellence balances the importance of knowledge and skills.

Every child is entitled to a broad general education, whatever their level and ability.  All practitioners will be responsible for literacy and numeracy – the language and numbers skills that unlock other subjects and are vital to everyday life.

It develops skills for learning; life and work to help young people go on to further study, secure work and navigate life.  It brings real life into the playroom, making learning relevant and helps young people apply lessons to real life situations.

Their life beyond school/nursery.  It links knowledge in one subject area to another helping children understand the world and make connections.  It develops skills so that children can think for themselves, make sound judgements, challenge, enquire and find solutions.